John T. Russell

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Diverse parameters, including chaotropicity, can limit the function of cellular systems and thereby determine the extent of Earth's biosphere. Whereas parameters such as temperature, hydrophobicity, pressure, pH, Hofmeister effects, and water activity can be quantified via standard scales of measurement, the chao-/kosmotropic activities of environmentally(More)
Direct observations of structure-electrochemical activity relationships continue to be a key challenge in secondary battery research. (6)Li magic angle spinning (MAS) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the only structural probe currently available that can quantitatively characterize local lithium environments on the subnanometer scale that(More)
We show by molecular dynamics simulations that water nanodroplets can be transported along and around the surfaces of vibrated carbon nanotubes. In our simulations, a nanodroplet with a diameter of ∼4 nm is adsorbed on a (10,0) single-wall carbon nanotube, which is vibrated at one end with a frequency of 208 GHz and an amplitude of 1.2 nm. The generated(More)
Dr. L. Jaber-Ansari, Dr. K. P. Puntambekar, S. Kim, M. Aykol, Dr. J. Wu, B. D. Myers, R. Kumar, Prof. V. P. Dravid, Prof. C. Wolverton, Prof. M. C. Hersam Department of Materials Science and Engineering Northwestern University Evanston , IL 60208 , USA E-mail: Dr. L. Luo, Dr. J. Wu, B. D. Myers, Prof. V. P. Dravid NU ANCE Center(More)
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