John T. O’Donovan

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Agriculture in rainfed dry areas is often challenged by inadequate water and nutrient supplies. Summerfallowing has been used to conserve rainwater and promote the release of nitrogen via the N mineralization of soil organic matter. However, summerfallowing leaves land without any crops planted for one entire growing season, creating lost production(More)
Cereal mixtures may provide both organic and conventional producers with a more sustainable approach in reducing weed pressure, crop rotation flexibility, improved yield stability, buffering against pests and diseases, minimizing soil variability and increasing animal feed value. We examined the response of small grain mixtures containing wheat, oats,(More)
The talk will give an overview of some of the existing approaches for visualizing recommendation mechanisms and eventually allowing users to control them. Starting with work from the area of open/scrutable learner models in the area of intelligent tutoring systems, through approaches for explaining recommendations to approaches visualizing aspects of(More)
This paper describes TopicLens, an interactive tool for exploring and recommending items within large corpora, based on both social metadata and topical associations. The system uses a hybrid visualization model that represents topics and content items side by side, allowing the user to actively explore recommendations rather than passively viewing them.(More)
The web has evolved in a scale free manner, with available information about different entities developing in different forms, different locations, and at massive scales. This paper addresses the cognitive limitations that information analysts typically experience as they approach the boundaries where automated analysis algorithms are sorely needed. An(More)
This document serves as supplemental material for the paper “User Preferences for Hybrid Explanations”, by Pigi Kouki, James Schaffer, Jay Pujara, John O’Donovan, and Lise Getoor, published on the 11th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems [1]. In this document, we present the details of the survey presented in the paper, and we encourage the reader to read(More)
This paper describes a machine learning approach to evaluate the relationship between trust behavior and Situation Awareness (SA) in the context of a 3-player Iterated Diner’s Dilemma game. Our experimental setup consisted of a set of 24 supervised studies in which participants played against computer opponents with different cooperation strategies. Three(More)
In recent years the greater part of news dissemination has shifted from traditional news media to individual users on microblogs such as Twitter and Reddit. Therefore, there has been increasing research e↵ort on how to automatically detect newsworthy and otherwise useful information on these platforms. In this paper, we present two novel algorithmic(More)
A study was initiated in 2001at four locations in western Canada to investigate an integrated approach to managing wild oat, the region’s worst weed. The study examined the effects of combining semidwarf or tall barley cultivars with normal or twice-normal barley seeding rates in either continuous barley or a barley–canola–barley–field pea–barley rotation.(More)