John T. Minor

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Selecting an appropriate programming paradigm in which to teach the first programming and problem solving course in a Computer Science undergraduate program has been discussed extensively. Procedural programming, functional programming, and object oriented programming are the most widelyused programming paradigms both in institutes of higher learning and in(More)
Choosing a suitable programming language to use in teaching undergraduate courses is a critical issue. This paper discusses some issues in the choice of the programming language that need to be considered by faculty. These issues include choosing C++ versus Java, recursion versus iteration and using the advanced placement tests in computer science. We also(More)
Using pre-processor directives is an important step in writing programs in languages that include C++ and Java. We examine the use of pre-processor directives with the goal of making a beginning programming language pedagogically effective. We propose a set of compiler directives that can be used in teaching a programming language similar to C++ so that(More)
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