John T Macdonald

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INTRODUCTION The MNREAD reading acuity (RA) charts use continuous-text reading to measure (1) RA, ie, the smallest size of print that the patient can resolve; (2) maximum reading speed (MRS); and (3) critical print size (CPS), ie, the smallest print that the patient can read with maximum speed. This project used the MNREAD charts to evaluate reading(More)
A 29-week premature infant with severe central hypoventilation secondary to Prader-Willi syndrome required mechanical ventilation until 55 days of age. This disorder must be considered in the differential diagnosis of a premature infant who does not have primary lung disease but has significant hypotonia because the respiratory failure may require prolonged(More)
A healthy 5-year-old male reported a clicking sound in both ears. Neurologic examination was normal except for an audible clicking noise that could be heard when within 10 cm of either ear and bilateral rapid rhythmic movements of the soft palate. All tests were normal including magnetic resonance imaging brain scan. One year after onset, his objective(More)
Congenital ocular motor apraxia is rarely associated with brain tumors. A 10-month-old girl with normal vertical eye movements and head thrusting to initiate horizontal saccades is presented. CT brain scan revealed a midline posterior fossa mass and histopathology confirmed the clinical diagnosis of lipoma. Unlike previously described cases of posterior(More)
The computed tomographic (CT) findings in a teenage boy with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) are presented. Clinical presentation included the subacute onset of dementia and behavioral changes. Bilateral, isolated, symmetric low density areas were present in the frontal lobes on CT, without contrast enhancement. Minimal calcification was noted in the lesions.(More)
Four episodes of acute left hemiparesis occurred in three pediatric-age, insulin-dependent diabetic patients. Each had a concomitant respiratory tract infection and headache, but no obvious signs of systemic hypoglycemia. No cerebral abnormalities were demonstrated by angiography or computerized tomography. The clinical course was benign, with slow but(More)
Two children with neurofibromatosis and a chief complaint of severe, episodic, unilateral facial itching were found to have brainstem glioma. Initial computerized tomography of the brain was thought to be normal, but the brainstem tumor was subsequently demonstrated on magnetic resonance imaging. The paroxysmal facial itching resolved in both cases after a(More)
Acute intracranial hypertension may respond to intravenous mannitol, but frequent administration can cause cerebral edema or renal problems. We evaluated the use of 20% glycerol administered intravenously as an alternative to mannitol. Intravenous glycerol and mannitol were equally effective in lowering acute elevations of intracranial pressure. The(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether visual impairment in albinism contributes significantly to the acquisition of normal reading skills. METHODS The authors administered standardized reading tests to 41 children and 18 adults with albinism. The Young Children's Achievement Test was used for children between 4 and 6 years old and the Woodcock-Johnson III was used(More)