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This document provides an overview and specification of Version 5 of the Kerberos protocol, and updates RFC1510 to clarify aspects of the protocol and its intended use that require more detailed or clearer explanation than was provided in RFC1510. This document is intended to provide a detailed description of the protocol, suitable for implementation,(More)
Zephyr is a notice transport and delivery system under development at Project Athena.1 Zephyr is for use by network-based services and applications with a need for immediate, reliable and rapid communication with their clients. Zephyr meets the highthroughput, high fan-out communications requirements of large-scale workstation environments. It is designed(More)
Log-structured file systems (LFSs) were developed to eliminate latencies involved in accessing disk devices, but their sequential write patterns also match well with tertiary storage characteristics. Unfortunately, existing versions only manage memory caches and disks, and do not support a broader storage hierarchy. Robotic storage devices offer huge(More)
We observed the induction of spontaneous, i.e., without adding exogenous antigen, in vitro proliferation of PBMCs from patients with stage IV melanoma who underwent repeated vaccinations with antigen-loaded dendritic cells (DCs) derived from CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors (CD34-DCs). Proliferating cells are CD4+T cells. Their proliferation is dependent on(More)
Recent observations of the spectral line profiles and intensity ratio of the O VI 1032 Å and 1037.6 Å doublet by the Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer (UVCS) on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), made in coronal holes below 3.5 Rs, provide evidence for Doppler dimming of the O VI 1037.6 Å line and pumping by the chromospheric C II 1037.0182 Å(More)
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