John T Kemper

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Thirty-three patients were treated for a 4-week period with splint therapy. Fourteen muscle and joint regions were palpated before and after treatment, and observable pain scores were recorded. Maximal comfortable interincisal distance and maximal interincisal distance were recorded before and after treatment. The following results were observed. 1. Of the(More)
Twenty-four patients were selected to participate in this study. Twelve patients were randomly selected to receive occlusal splint therapy and the other 12 to receive a simplified relaxation therapy technique. Observable pain scores, maximum comfortable interincisal distance, and maximum interincisal distances were recorded for each group before and after(More)
Three hundred patients were questioned regarding frequency of headache pain. One hundred forty-one patients were seeking treatment at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry TMJ Clinic for CMD. A comparison group of 159 was selected from persons being screened for routine dental needs. The following findings regarding incidence and frequency of(More)
A total of 147 subjects were examined for nonworking tooth contacts. The subjects were instructed to voluntarily move their mandibles 2 mm laterally and surveyed for tooth contacts on the nonworking side. If no contact was present, moderate forces were applied to the angle of the mandible and the subjects were again surveyed for the same tooth contacts.(More)
Continuous deterministic models are used to investigate the relationship between the epidemiology of endemic infectious disease and the genetics of natural selection in ths host population when a specific genetic locus controls susceptibility to disease under a variety of circumstances. One locus, two allele genes are considered in the contexts of haploid(More)
We introduce a continuous stochastic model for the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels following radiotherapy and derive solutions for the associated partial differential (Kolmogorov-Chapman) equation. The solutions describe the evolution of the time-dependent density for PSA levels which take into account an absorbing condition along the boundary and(More)