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Six patients with rheumatoid constrictive pericarditis, five seen in a two and one half year period, are described. All patients were male, all had rheumatoid factor, and all had active arthritis. Diagnosis was suspected from careful physical examination and confirmed in five patients by cardiac catheterization. Pericardiectomy was successful in all five(More)
Previous reports have indicated that idiopathic systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), like drug-induced lupus, is more frequent in "slow" hepatic acetylators. Using dapsone acetylation rate to determine phenotypes, we found that of the 18 SLE patients studied, 9 were fast acetylators, 8 were slow, and 1 was indeterminate. This result (53% fast) is similar to(More)
BACKGROUND India accounts for approximately 10 million orthopaedically handicapped children and adults with limb deformity. Ilizarov ring fixator could treat most of these deformities. METHODS Twenty cases of deformities of lower limb managed with Ilizarov technique during period between March 2001 and February 2003 were studied. RESULTS 55% were in the(More)
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