John T. Brinton

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BACKGROUND Maternal obesity increases adult offspring risk for cardiovascular disease; however, the role of offspring adiposity in mediating this association remains poorly characterized. OBJECTIVE To investigate the associations of maternal pre-pregnant body mass index (maternal BMI) and gestational weight gain (GWG) with neonatal cardiometabolic markers(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the diagnostic accuracy of two continuous screening tests, a common approach is to test the difference between the areas under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves. After study participants are screened with both screening tests, the disease status is determined as accurately as possible, either by an invasive, sensitive(More)
BACKGROUND Scientists often use a paired comparison of the areas under the receiver operating characteristic curves to decide which continuous cancer screening test has the best diagnostic accuracy. In the paired design, all participants are screened with both tests. Participants with suspicious results or signs and symptoms of disease receive the reference(More)
I have had a close look at the revisions made by the authors and the response to the comments I had before. The question they address, was now clearer stated than before and as far as I can see, I think the data are sound as well. Discussion and conclusions are well balanced, with the limitations stated and explained. The authors have answered my questions(More)
BACKGROUND For studies that compare the diagnostic accuracy of two screening tests, the sample size depends on the prevalence of disease in the study population, and on the variance of the outcome. Both parameters may be unknown during the design stage, which makes finding an accurate sample size difficult. METHODS To solve this problem, we propose(More)
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