John T. Arokiasamy

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An outbreak of encephalitis affecting 265 patients (105 fatally) occurred during 1998-1999 in Malaysia and was linked to a new paramyxovirus, Nipah, that infected pigs, humans, dogs, and cats. Most patients were pig farmers. Clinically undetected Nipah infection was noted in 10 (6%) of 166 community-farm controls (persons from farms without reported(More)
This report provides results from a controlled, double blind, randomized, prophylactic leprosy vaccine trial conducted in South India. Four vaccines, viz BCG, BCG+ killed M. leprae, M.w and ICRC were studied in this trial in comparison with normal saline placebo. From about 3,00,000 people, 2,16,000 were found eligible for vaccination and among them,(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge about symptoms and transmission of tuberculosis determines health seeking behavior and helps in prevention of tuberculosis transmission in the community. Such data is useful for policy makers to formulate information, education and communication strategies for tuberculosis control. METHODS A secondary data analysis of India(More)
BACKGROUND Nearly four-fifths of estimated 1.1 million smokers live in low or middle-income countries. We aimed to provide national estimates for Nepal on tobacco use prevalence, its distribution across demographic, socio-economic and spatial variables and correlates of tobacco use. METHODS A secondary data analysis of 2006 Nepal Demographic and Health(More)
A simulation model for leprosy transmission and control has been developed with specific objectives. Several sensitivity experiments have been carried out by altering the various inputs based on empirical data combined with intelligent guessing. The outputs generated through these exercises were on the expected lines. While incremental exercises would(More)
According to United Nations estimates, the population of the elderly 60 years and over in the world will reach 1.2 billion by the year 2025, the majority of whom will be in developing countries l . A major factor in the ageing of a population is fertility decline and statistics indicate that f~rtility for Malaysian females has been declinini,3. The(More)
Little is known about the relationships between adverse health effects and unhealthy behaviors among medical students using Facebook. The aim of this study was to determine the associations between adverse health effects and unhealthy behaviors with Facebook use. A cross-sectional study was conducted in a private university in Malaysia among 316 medical(More)
During 1998-1999, an outbreak of Nipah virus encephalitis occurred in Malaysia. To assess the possibility of nosocomial transmission, 338 health care workers (HCWs) exposed and 288 HCWs unexposed to outbreak-related patients were surveyed, and their serum samples were tested for anti-Nipah virus antibody. Needlestick injuries were reported by 12 (3%) HCWs,(More)
BACKGROUND Ethnic differences have been reported for colorectal polyps and large bowel cancer; although the supporting data is weak and insufficient to draw firm conclusions. AIM We undertook this study to determine whether such racial disparity in colorectal adenomas exists in an ethnically mixed non-migrant population. The prevalence, histology and(More)
From available studies, there appears to be a racial preponderance of coronary artery disease (CAD) among Indians when compared to other ethnic groups. We found that this racial difference exists even in a young Asian population with premature atherosclerosis. In this small series, these racial differences could not be explained by the commonly known risk(More)