John T. Agee

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In this paper, a nonlinear feedback controller is proposed for a single link flexible joint manipulator based on the concept of differential flatness. The control design is approached from the perspective of using input state feedback linearization via the flatness property of the robot. It is shown that the nonlinear dynamics of the manipulator satisfies(More)
This paper focuses on the synchronizing control of multiple interconnected flexible robotic manipulators using differential flatness theory. The flatness theory has the advantage of simplifying trajectory tracking tasks of complex mechanical systems. Using this theory, we propose a new synchronization scheme whereby a formation of flatness based systems can(More)
Abstract: The demand for high speed robotic manipulators with little or no vibrations has been a challenging research problem. In this paper, a position control for a 2 DOF single link flexible manipulator with joint elasticity is studied. It is shown that using the flatness control approach, faster response and less oscillations and overshoots can be(More)
This paper presents the stability analysis and control of a single-machine dynamic load (SMDL) system with a thyristor-controlled series capacitor (TCSC). Firstly, the aim of this study is achieved by analyzing the stability of the SMDL system with and without the TCSC. The simulations obtained with the aid of MATLAB/Simulink software showed that without(More)
This paper analyses the influence of intermittent wind power generation on the oscillation of a power system considering different load levels. The fluctuation in the eigenvalues and the eigenvectors resulting from intermittent wind power generation are calculated using Monte Carlo simulation with Latin hypercube sampling via modal analysis. An index known(More)
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