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We report a comparative study of carrier dynamics in semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors (SESAMs) containing InGaAs quantum wells and InGaAsN quantum wells (QWs). The static and dynamic reflectivity spectra were measured with a Fourier-transform-infrared-spectrometer and a pump-probe setup, respectively. The influence of rapid thermal annealing (RTA)(More)
Photon and neutron inelastic scattering spectrometers are microscopes for imaging condensed matter dynamics on very small length and time scales. Inelastic X-ray scattering permitted the first quantitative studies of picosecond nanoscale dynamics in disordered systems almost 20 years ago. However, the nature of the liquid-glass transition still remains one(More)
The University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) is a unique beam physics research facility located at the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP), on the University of Maryland, College Park campus. By using a scaled, low-energy 10 keV electron beam, UMER accesses the intense, high-brightness, regime of beam operation in(More)
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