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BACKGROUND AND HYPOTHESIS Thrombolytic therapy with tissue plasminogen activator is effective for acute ischaemic stroke within 4·5 h of onset. Patients who wake up with stroke are generally ineligible for stroke thrombolysis. We hypothesized that ischaemic stroke patients with significant penumbral mismatch on either magnetic resonance imaging or computer(More)
PURPOSE Post-stroke depression occurs in one-third of stroke survivors with a similar risk of development across short, intermediate and long-term recovery stages. Knowledge of factors influencing psychological morbidity beyond the first year post-stroke can inform long-term interventions and improve community service access for stroke survivors. This paper(More)
Democratically choosing a single preference from more than two candidate options is not a straightforward matter. In fact, voting theory has established a number of paradoxes which assert seemingly innocuous attributes to be incompatible. One of the most desirable attributes - independence of irrelevant alternatives - is proven by Arrow to be incompatible(More)
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