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This paper presents the SONIC reconfigurable computing architecture and the first implementation, SONIC-1. SONIC is designed to support the software plug-in methodology to accelerate video image processing applications. SONIC differs from other architectures through the use of Plug-In Processing Elements (PIPEs) and the Application Programmer’s Interface(More)
It's a reality. You have IM (instant messaging) clients in your environment. You have already recognized that it is eating up more and more of your network bandwidth and with Microsoft building IM capability into its XP operating system and applications, you know this will only get worse. Management is also voicing concerns over the lost user productivity(More)
Business intelligence--technology to manage and leverage an organization's data--can enhance healthcare organizations' financial and operational performance and quality of patient care. Effective BI management requires five preliminary steps: Establish business needs and value. Obtain buy-in from managers. Create an end-to-end vision. Establish BI(More)
C urrent industrial videoprocessing systems use a mixture of high-performance workstations and application-specific integrated circuits. However, video image processing in the professional broadcast environment requires more computational power and data throughput than most of today’s general-purpose computers can provide. In addition, using ASICs for video(More)
The paper summarizes recently published data and recommendations about healthcare disparities experienced by African Americans who have Medicare or other healthcare coverage. Against this background the paper addresses the ethics of such disparities and how disadvantages of vulnerable populations like African Americans are typically maintained in decision(More)
This study was designed to identify the ultrasound echoes originating from the left ventricle. Injections of indocyanine green and saline were made directly in the left ventricular cavity via a cardiac catheter in patients undergoing routine diagnostic cardiac catheterization. The injections produced a cloud of echoes that filled the left ventricular cavity(More)
Many simulations that are run on parallel computers can beneet from the use of parallel graphics libraries that can do in-place rendering. This paper describes a parallel rendering library that is being developed on the Intel iPSC/860, Paragon, and on other machines supported by the Message Passing Interface (MPI). The rendering library can be used(More)
A high-performance processor circuit called the SC-3 has been developed to meet the requi rements of advanced experiment and attitude control applications. It is based on the 16 MHz Intel 80386/80387 chip set and implements a dual bus system configuration which allows high-speed, 32-bit wide memory and low-speed. 16-bit wide InputtOutput(IfO) circuits to be(More)
Two factors--accountability for care and an increased adoption of interoperable electronic health records (EHRs)--will significantly increase the importance of data for healthcare organizations. These factors have significant data ramifications in four areas: payment reform, data use policies, IT strategy, and data management. As data become a strategic(More)