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Development and Crisis of the Welfare State: Parties and Policies in Global Markets
This text offers a systematic examination of the origins, character, effects and prospects of generous welfare states in advanced industrial democracies in the post-World War II era. The authorsExpand
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Social Democracy, Christian Democracy, Constitutional Structure, and the Welfare State
The literature on the determinants of welfare state effort displays many inconsistencies and contradictins. This article takes imoprtant stepts toward resolving these issues with the use of pooledExpand
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Capitalist Development and Democracy.
It is a commonplace claim of Western political discourse that capitalist development and democracy go hand in hand. Crossnational statistical research on political democracy supports this claim. ByExpand
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Partisan Politics, the Welfare State, and Three Worlds of Human Capital Formation
The authors propose a synthesis of power resources theory and welfare production regime theory to explain differences in human capital formation across advanced democracies. Emphasizing the mutuallyExpand
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Comparative Welfare States Data Set
The data contained in this data set were collected by a project entitled "Comparative Welfare States in the 21 Century" directed by David Brady, Evelyne Huber, and John D. Stephens. The project wasExpand
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Determinants of relative poverty in advanced capitalist democracies
Using relative poverty measures based on micro-level data from the Luxembourg Income Study, in conjunction with pooled time-series data for 14 advanced capitalist democracies between 1970 and 1997,Expand
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Continuity and change in contemporary capitalism
In the early 1980s, many observers, argued that powerful organized economic interests and social democratic parties created successful mixed economies promoting economic growth, full employment, andExpand
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Partisan governance, women's employment, and the social democratic service state
The causes of the expansion and cross-national variation in the provision of welfare state goods and services are examined. Social democratic governance is by far the most important determinant ofExpand
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Politics and Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean
This article presents the first pooled time series analysis of the impact that politics and policy have on inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean. The authors build on models consisting ofExpand
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