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The Pseudomonas aeruginosa major constitutive outer membrane porin protein OprF, which has previously been shown to be a protective antigen, was targeted as a DNA vaccine candidate. The oprF gene was(More)
Cytomegaloviruses are agents that infect a variety of animals. Human cytomegalovirus is associated with infections that may be inapparent or may result in severe body malformation. More recently,(More)
The ability of a chimeric influenza virus containing, within the antigenic B site of its hemagglutinin, an 11-amino-acid (AEGRAINRRVE) insert from the peptide 10 epitope of outer membrane (OM)(More)
A chimeric tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) was constructed by inserting sequences representing peptide 9-14mer (TDAYNQKLSERRAN) of outer membrane (OM) protein F of Pseudomonas aeruginosa between amino(More)