John Spencer Evans

Lara A. Estroff1
Roland Kröger1
Eric P. Chang1
1Lara A. Estroff
1Roland Kröger
1Eric P. Chang
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MOTIVATION The formation of aragonite mineral in the mollusk shell or pearl nacre requires the participation of a diverse set of proteins that form the mineralized extracellular matrix. Although self-assembly processes have been identified for several nacre proteins, these proteins do not contain known globular protein-protein binding domains. Thus, we(More)
Cooperative effects of magnesium ions and acidic polypeptides originating from a family of proteins known as Asprich (mollusk Atrina rigida) were studied. In our previous studies, these two acidic polypeptides were found to be effective in controlling the morphology of the calcium carbonate mineral, the main inorganic constituent of prismatic layer of the(More)
We report an interesting process whereby the formation of nanoparticle assemblies on and nanoporosities within calcite crystals is directed by an intrinsically disordered C-RING mollusk shell nacre protein, AP7. Under mineralization conditions, AP7 forms protein phases that direct the nucleation of ordered calcite nanoparticles via a repetitive protein(More)
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