John Sorflaten

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E-commerce Depends on IVR E-commerce means commerce supported by electronic technology. This includes the ubiquitous telephone. How can we exploit its convenience, low-cost, and user familiarity for effective commercial applications? Many organizations seek to reduce the burden of costly customer service staff by using telephone automation. For example,(More)
MOST MANAGERS MUST SHOW DOLLAR RETURNS that justify the extra time it takes to incorporate usability methods into R&D. Many of those who are still new to usabil-ity resist changing their former development practices beyond lip service such as " oh, yes, do a usability test tomorrow when we have version one up and running. " (Usability professionals will see(More)
Insidious Ailment? We need a metaphor to make a subtle, but important point. We have friends who've lived in Los Angeles. They report that when the smog in Los Angeles is light, they don't feel like they're suffering. However, epidemiologists say Los Angeleans suffer health effects similar to a pack-a-day smoking habit. They are paying the price of low(More)
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