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New receivers for 10-to-40Gb/s optical communications rely on DSP-based equalization to correct for fiber impairments and enhance channel spectral efficiency [1-3]. This requires a 6b ADC with sampling rate that is twice the data rate and low ENOB degradation up to the Nyquist frequency. Previously a 24GS/s ADC was designed in InP technology [3] with only(More)
  • John Sitch
  • 24th Annual Technical Digest Gallium Arsenide…
  • 2002
In this tutorial paper we review the nature and requirements of optical fiber communications systems, and identify some trends in fiber systems that will have a bearing on the integrated circuits used to realize them. We concentrate on the optical interface layer, and only discuss up- and down-stream signal processing as it impacts the components of(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe and compare GaAs-InGaP HBT high sample rate track and hold amplifier designs. These are building blocks targeted to be used in next generation data conversion circuits. The track and hold designs are optimized to operate at 600 MSPS with 10 bits effective resolution. The two designs were fabricated to accommodate 0.5(More)
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