John Simonian

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Although psychotherapy for cancer patients is known to be effective, there is little in the research to indicate what elements of their therapy patients find most helpful. To explore this question, we interviewed cancer patients diagnosed with metastatic disease who had been offered two different forms of individual psychotherapy as part of a larger funded(More)
PURPOSE The efficacy of continuous versus intermittent bladder irrigation with amphotericin B in the treatment of candiduria was compared. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective, randomized and comparative pilot study was done on 20 patients. Continuous bladder irrigation with 50 mg./l. amphotericin B infused during 24 hours for 2 days was compared to 3(More)
This experiment was designed to study the acute effects of disulfiram on mitochondrial enzymes in nonsynaptic and synaptic mitochondria from rat hippocampus. Cytochromec oxidase, monoamine oxidase-B, glycerolphosphate acyltransferase and betahydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase were studied. Differences in enzyme activity were seen in controls. Cytochromec oxidase(More)
The predictive performance of a computer dosing program used for initiating vancomycin therapy was studied. Initial serum vancomycin concentrations in 31 adult patients receiving vancomycin were estimated by using a computer program (T.D.M.S.) incorporating a two-compartment open model. Sixty-two serum vancomycin concentrations at steady state (Css) were(More)
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