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In this paper, we consider ill-posed problems which discretize to linear least squares problems with matrices K of high dimensions. The algorithm proposed uses K only as an operator and does not need to explicitly store or modify it. A method related to one of Lanczos is used to project the problem onto a subspace for which K is bidiagonal. It is then an(More)
The concept of team formation is central to a wide variety of disciplines, including planning and learning in multi-agent systems, artificial social systems, and distributed artificial intelligence. Typically, models of agent-based systems do not focus on the nature and structure of the interconnec-tion network that dictates agent interaction, although(More)
As the utility and ubiquity of information technology (IT) have increased, the deployment of poorly-written, insecure code has exploded. Hundreds of vulnerabilities are revealed by security defenders and malicious attackers each year. This ever-widening gap between good, secure software development supposedly taught in schools and the actual bug-ridden code(More)
Quality control (QC) metrics are critical in high throughput screening (HTS) platforms to ensure reliability and confidence in assay data and downstream analyses. Most reported HTS QC metrics are designed for plate level or single well level analysis. With the advent of high throughput combination screening there is a need for QC metrics that quantify the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Demographic and student discipline data were used to examine the influence of multi-level risk and protective factors on exclusionary school discipline outcomes. Participants included all youth (n = 87,997) in grades K to 12 who were enrolled in Denver Public Schools (n = 183) in 2011–2012. The dataset included measures of risk and(More)
BACKGROUND The neuroprotective effects of cooling the spinal cord in a sheep model by a self-contained intrathecal catheter was reported recently by the authors. The present study was designed to determine if cooling catheters in the lateral ventricles of the brain can effectively cool the CSF and thereby reduce brain temperature while maintaining systemic(More)
BACKGROUND The high rates of cancer among American Indians and Alaska Natives are of growing concern. CONTEXT In response to high cancer rates, national, state, and tribal organizations have worked to assess knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and screening practices related to cancer in American Indian and Alaska Native communities and to increase awareness(More)
A new technique, root projection (RP), is given for quantitative deconvolution of causal time series in the presence of moderate amounts of noise. Deconvolution is treated as a well-conditioned but underdetermined problem and a priori information is employed to obtain comparable noise reduction to that achieved by singular value decomposition (SVD)(More)
Until recently it has been impossible to accurately determine the roots of polynomials of high degree, even for polynomials derived from the Z transform of time series where the dynamic range of the coefficients is generally less than 100 dB. In a companion paper, two new programs for solving such polynomials were discussed and applied to signature analysis(More)