John Simmons

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This study evaluated the accuracy of acoustic response tests in predicting conductive hearing loss in 161 ears of subjects from the age of 2 to 10 yr, using as a "gold standard" the air-bone gap to classify ears as normal or impaired. The acoustic tests included tympanometric peak-compensated static admittance magnitude (SA) and tympanometric gradient at(More)
Incubation of HeLa cells in the presence of millimolar concentrations of propionate, butyrate, or pentanoate increases the specific activity of CMP-sialic acid:lactosylceramide sialyltransferase 7-20-fold within 24 h. Longer-chain saturated fatty acids or acetate are much less effective, decanoate showing no induction. Unsaturated fatty acid analogs of(More)
Groups of Swiss ICR mice were fed 1000 ppm polybrominated biphenyls (FireMaster BP-6) in rodent chow for 4, 8, 11, and 14 days. Control groups were fed standard rodent chow without FireMaster BP-6. Animals were killed at the end of each feeding period and the livers examined by electron microscopy. EM changes noted were progressive increase in size of(More)
Behavior therapy has been shown to improve the functioning of institutionalized clients, but front-line staff often have difficulty implementing behavior therapy techniques. In the case described in this report, staff with inadequate training in behavior therapy inconsistently used negative and positive reinforcement in the attempt to reduce the aggressive(More)
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