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Static presentations of algorithmic behavior, as in textbooks and on the chalkboard, are often difficult and very time consuming to produce and sometimes fail to convey the true nature of the process. It is desirable to have a dynamic (animated) presentation of the algorithm going through its paces on an actual example. Tracing facilities provide some aids(More)
Dynamic (animated) displays of computing processes such as algorithm execution seem useful in teaching computer science. Not everyone agrees with this view, however, and indeed there are some pedagogical pitfalls. This paper addresses this issue and argues that there is a proper role for such capabilities, provided that sufficient attention is given to(More)
The ability to trace each step in the evaluation of an APL expression is useful for debugging and improving APL code as well as for teaching APL. This facility can be provided by the APL interpreter, however, it is not clear what form of display is most suitable for this purpose. In this paper three alternate forms of display are described, illustrated and(More)
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