John Shutt

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This study considers a biosocial explanation of why johns, the purchasers of commercial sex exchanges, are almost exclusively male. Trivers's theory of parental investment and sexual selection predicts that differential parental investment by biological sex will lead to divergent sex-based reproductive instincts. The sex bearing the larger parental(More)
The experiences of lawyers with electronic evidence and digital forensics are examined. The assessment indicates disparate experiences based on case type as to 1) the use of different types of electronic evidence, 2) disputes over that use and 3) utilization of digital forensics experts. Further study indicates use of electronic evidence continues to(More)
Network systems capture data about electronic activity in new, sometimes unprecedented forms. These new forms offer new, powerful tactical tools for investigations of electronic malfeasance under traditional leg al regulation of state power, particular that of Fourth Amendment limitations on police searches and seizures under the U.S. Constitution. But mis-(More)
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