John Sheridan Fisher

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Female rats (7-8 mo old, n = 40) were randomly placed into the intact control (Int) and ovariectomized control (Ovx) groups. Two weeks after ovariectomy, animals were further divided into intact 2-wk hindlimb unloaded (Int-HU) and ovariectomized hindlimb unloaded (Ovx-HU). We hypothesized that there would be greater hindlimb unloading-related atrophy in Ovx(More)
Changes in passive muscle stiffness with age and disuse were assessed in male Fischer-344 and Brown Norway rats. Three groups of rats were studied: young (approximately 7 months old), old (approximately 33 months old), and old that had undergone 2 weeks of hindlimb unweighting, a model of reduced muscle use. Four hindlimb muscles were examined: the soleus(More)
Insulin-induced leptinemia in humans appears to be blunted by insulin resistance. We therefore examined the relationship between insulin action and plasma leptin by monitoring regional and whole body lipolysis and plasma leptin levels in 15 premenopausal women (body fat range, 14-59%) during a two-stage euglycemic clamp (insulin was infused 90 min each at(More)
We present a case of an 87-year-old female who was evaluated for an 8.5 cm left sided renal mass concerning for malignancy. The patient was transiently thrombocytopenic over the previous 4 months with platelet counts ranging from 50,000 to 125,000 plt/mcL and experienced diffuse hemorrhage during radical nephrectomy with failure to achieve mechanical(More)
Mixed-signal system design is a complex task with many levels of deliverables, includ-and process design kits. The ability to create mixed-signal design content has lagged behind digital design for decades, largely because the digital methodology has been able to make efficient use of design abstraction and implementation automation. In this work, we argue(More)
— With analog blocks frequently representing the biggest risk in single substrate mixed-signal designs, intellectual property (IP) libraries of fabrication-proven and fully-characterized analog cells can offer a low-risk method to decrease time-to-market (TTM), in any group where TTM is the dominant factor of success. While the development of these(More)
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