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Acknowledgements: I thank without implicating Kirk Stark and Jonathan Zasloff for their prompt responses to my requests for data and their patient willingness to answer my other inquiries. I also thank David S. Erikson for locating some obscure documents at Berkeley and Jon Sonstelie for providing me with 1970 school district data.
It has been a pleasure to participate in Health-com2009, the 11th IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services, held in Sydney, Australia, from 16 to 18 of December. This venue has attracted highly qualified researchers who presented their work in a series of workshops. The authors of the best communications have been(More)
The experience of exile is the result of the interaction between the protagonists of this human tragedy and the society of refuge. The ambivalence of the refugee and his family is due to the loss of the original narcissistic supports and the need to assert the new situation. The article explains the characteristics of the experience of exile, at the(More)
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