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PURPOSE In addition to radiotherapy, the utility of surgical decompression and stabilization in patients with metastatic vertebral body tumors causing cord compression, progressive deformity and/or intractable pain has been well demonstrated. Minimally invasive approaches are an attractive alternative to traditional procedures as they may reduce the degree(More)
In the present work Zn-Mg alloys containing up to 3wt.% Mg were studied as potential biodegradable materials for medical use. The structure, mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of these alloys were investigated and compared with those of pure Mg, AZ91HP and casting Zn-Al-Cu alloys. The structures were examined by light and scanning electron(More)
diffusion histology and microtractography to reveal mesoscale features of human brain. The spatial resolution used in this technique is orders of magnitude more than that in DTI, allowing the disentangling of connections that might have been grouped together in a single window with DTI. In the meantime, it is important to recognize the subjective nature of(More)
1. Marsden JF, Limousin-Dowsey P, Ashby P, Pollak P, Brown P. Subthalamic nucleus, sensorimotor cortex and muscle interrelationships in Parkinson’s disease. Brain. 2001;124(pt 2):378-388. 2. de Hemptinne C, Ryapolova-Webb ES, Air EL, et al. Exaggerated phase-amplitude coupling in the primary motor cortex in Parkinson disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.(More)
Supervising Section Editor: Sean O. Henderson, MD Submission history: Submitted October 25, 2012; Accepted November 19, 2012 Full text available through open access at DOI: 10.5811/westjem.2012.11.14368 [West J Emerg Med 2013;14(2):175-176.] Mount Sinai Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine, Miami Beach,(More)