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This paper reviews the development of social network analysis and examines its major areas of application in sociology. Current developments, including those from outside the social sciences, are examined and their prospects for advances in substantive knowledge are considered. A concluding section looks at the implications of data mining techniques and(More)
This work in progress paper describes collaborative research, taking place on three continents, towards creating a 'mixed reality teaching & learning environment' (MiRTLE) that enables teachers and students participating in real-time mixed and online classes to interact with avatar representations of each other. The longer term hypothesis that will be(More)
The sheer volume of textual information that needs to be reviewed and analyzed in many clinical settings requires the automated retrieval of key clinical and temporal information. The existing natural language processing systems are often challenged by the low quality of clinical texts and do not demonstrate the required performance. In this study, we focus(More)
We have developed a Decision Support Environment (DSE) for medical experts at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The DSE contains two integrated systems: The Event-based Text-mining of Health Electronic Records (ETHER) and the Pattern-based and Advanced Network Analyzer for Clinical Evaluation and Assessment (PANACEA). These systems assist medical(More)
Our objective was to explore the creation of document networks based on different thresholds of shared information and different clustering algorithms on those networks to identify document clusters describing similar clinical cases. We created networks from vaccine adverse event report sets using seven approaches for linking reports. We then applied three(More)
The medical review of adverse event reports for medical products requires the processing of "big data" stored in spontaneous reporting systems, such as the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS data are not well suited to traditional statistical analyses so we developed the FDA Adverse Event Network Analyzer (AENA) and three novel network(More)