John Schmelzer

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Seclusion and restraint continue to spark debate regarding their therapeutic value and ethical, legal, and humanitarian implications, yet they remain frequently used forms of treatment in psychiatric settings. Identifying specific alternatives to seclusion and restraint use, teaching nursing staff how and when to use them, and determining their effect on(More)
Atomic clusters have been deposited between lithographically defined contacts with nanometer scale separations. The design of the contacts is based on an appropriate application of percolation theory to conduction in cluster deposited devices and allows finite-size effects to be clearly observed. It is demonstrated, both by experiment and by simulation,(More)
A kinetic theory of nucleation and growth of a evolving phase with a given stoichiometric composition in a multicomponent solid solution is developed. It is assumed naturally that the phase grows as a result of individual atom incorporation into the phase domain in a stoichiometric ratio. As it is shown, for the case of phase formation in a multicomponent(More)
* Nanostructure Engineering Science and Technology (NEST) Group, University of Canterbury, NZ. † Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Canterbury, NZ. ‡ Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Canterbury, NZ. # Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, Lower Hutt, NZ. $ Industrial Research Ltd, Lower Hutt, NZ. §(More)
OBJECTIVE This study measures the change in health care use after enrollment into a new public insurance program for low-income childless adults. DATA SOURCES/STUDY SETTING The data sources include claims from a large integrated health system in rural Wisconsin and Medicaid enrollment files, January 2007-September 2012. STUDY DESIGN We employ a(More)
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