John Schibrowsky

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The interactivity of the new electronic media requires that a database-driven segmentation approach to communication strategy be employed to take advantage of its uniqueness. To accomplish this, firms must develop ways of collecting information at the individual level by traditional and/or electronic means, and of using that data to create(More)
<b>Introduction</b> In their sixth annual piracy study, The Business Software Alliance (BSA) provided compelling evidence that software piracy continues to be a global problem. The BSA estimates that approximately 41% of all PC software worldwide was acquired illegally in 2008 (from 38% in 2007), totalling over $53 billion in lost revenues. Although the(More)
Nurse loyalty and retention are critical issues facing the healthcare industry. A lack of continuity in the nursing staff compromises the quality of the care, results in significant costs, and leads to patient concerns about the viability of the healthcare facility. Conversely, a motivated and committed nursing staff creates a solid foundation for(More)
The second of a series, this study examines the effect of physician service performance on women's perceptions of physician quality before, during, and after delivery. We also examine changing physician-patient relationships throughout the birthing experience and compare our findings to those reported in a previous study that focused on nurse-patient(More)
Using structural equation modeling, the direct and indirect impact of five variables on the support of donation after cardiac death from the perspective of health care professionals were investigated: knowledge, trust in the transplant team, whether patients are in a state of irreversibility, whether health care professionals participate in a patient's(More)
The relationships between service quality and satisfaction is a function of multiple service encounters across a wide variety of exchange partners within a health care organization. Studying the patient provider relationship leads to improved service quality. The authors report their findings from a study that tests a relationship-building framework that(More)
Employee satisfaction and retention are critical issues that influence the success of any organization. Yet, one of the most critical problems facing the worldwide health care industry is the shortage of qualified nurses. Recent calls have been made within the traditional nursing literature for research that utilizes marketing and business models to better(More)
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