John Sappington

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The following dimensions of Raynaud's disease are reviewed: (a) etiological factors, particularly those of a psychological nature, (b) proposed biological mechanisms of vasospastic episodes, (c) efficacy of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions, and (d) use of biofeedback as therapy. Emotional stress appears to be wholly sufficient to induce vasopastic(More)
Informing persons that they have been exposed to a carcinogenic chemical (beta-naphthylamine) may adversely affect these persons and their families. The purpose of this study was to identify and assess the psychological impact of a bladder cancer notification and screening program on persons at risk and their families. Approximately 140 subjects were(More)
A psychometric study assessed the possibility of a preexisting personality configuration in students who became heavy drug users. We compared the MMPI profiles of 33 Carnegie Institute of Technology students who became heavy users of marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs and 33 peer control subjects. All subjects had been given the MMPI as entering freshmen in(More)
Sex differences in math/spatial performance demand explanations. Within the biological view, the complexity and number of variables make the explanation difficult at best. Laterality and age of pubertal onset have been investigated prominently in this context but rarely considered as interactions in the same study. Some 468 college subjects with SAT MATH(More)
The lateral eye movements of a moderately mentally retarded adult with exceptional ability in a perpetual calendar task were examined. Questions with a perpetual calendar, mathematical, or musical and spatial content were presented to the subject in a random order and lateral eye movements were rated by blind observers. Results showed that both the(More)
Separate bodies of research suggest that performance in spatial reasoning covaries with gender and with gender role. Typically studies employ a spatial task whose variance is then used to account for differences in scores between gender groups or variance in a measure of gender role. A methodological issue in such research is that the tasks used to(More)