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The authors describe a software engineering course in which undergraduate students produced a GUI frontend to Subversion, a popular open source version control system. Three teams implemented the project by shelling out to the command line and one team used TkSVN. A download of the course materials and a project implementation are provided.
It is necessary for students to learn how to program in a team environment because they will be required to do so in industry after graduation. However, it is difficult to ensure that each student on an academic team is contributing significantly to the overall team effort. The authors describe several failed attempts to grade teamwork fairly and a new(More)
A single undergrad student, who was new to the topics of robot vision and mapping, over the course of a semester completed a scavenger hunt robot project. The robot was programmed to search for and identify a finite set of brightly colored objects using a color blob tracking vision sensor, and display a map of where they were located. The robot was given(More)
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