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Mendel's Accountant (hereafter referred to as " Mendel ") is a user-friendly biologically realistic simulation program for investigating the processes of mutation and selection in sexually reproducing diploid populations. Mendel represents an advance over previous forward-time programs in that it incorporates several new features that enhance biological(More)
Long-standing theoretical concerns about mutation accumulation within the human population can now be addressed with numerical simulation. We apply a biologically realistic forward-time population genetics program to study human mutation accumulation under a wide-range of circumstances. Using realistic estimates for the relevant biological parameters, we(More)
Functional information is normally communicated using specific, context-dependent strings of symbolic characters. This is true within the human realm (texts and computer programs), and also within the biological realm (nucleic acids and proteins). In biology, strings of nucleotides encode much of the information within living cells. How do such(More)
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