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Conjugated bilirubin is excreted in the urine, but unconjugated bilirubin is generally believed not to be excreted by the kidneys. The basis for this difference has not been resolved by past studies. Hoover and Blankenhorn reported that bilirubin was dialyzable only from the plasma of patients who had bilirubinuria, and that it was not dialyzable from the(More)
1. Protein-polysaccharides isolated from bovine, human, and porcine cartilage are antigenic in the rabbit. 2. PP-L from each of these species contains a minimum of two antigenic determinants; one is species specific, and one is common to all three species. Human PP-H also contains these two determinants. 3. Both antigenic determinants are in, or closely(More)
Bright fluorescent staining, which indicates the presence of hyaluronateprotein, was observed in the lining cells of the synovial membrane following application of rabbit antiserum to hyaluronateprotein and a fluorescein-labeled antiserum to rabbit gamma-globulin. Staining was shown to be specific and due to antigenic determinants on or closely associated(More)
Fluids from joints contain a substance that reacts immunologically like one of two known antigenic components of articular cartilage proteinpolysaccharide. This newly recognized substance occurs in the lining cells of synovial membranes as shown by indirect immunofluorescence. The localization of this substance in tissue culture cells derived from synovial(More)
Cartilage proteoglycan is thought to be composed of subunits, core proteins with covalently attached sulphated polysaccharide side chains, which form aggregates by non-covalent association with a link protein. The new technique of non-disruptive extraction followed by fractionation in caesium chloride gradients provides a useful means of preparing(More)