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Existing distributed file systems are based on either a client -server model or a peer-to-peer model. We believe that the dynamic conditions of mobile computing and new classes of devices such as PDAs will no longer permit rigid adherence to either of these models. In this paper, we argue that a hybrid of the two will have to be used. We then propose a file(More)
The recent proliferation of portable computers, the advent of personal digital assistants (PDAs) and continuing advances in computer networking all point to a future in which mobility of both users and computing system elements will be standard. However, these developments also invalidate many of the assumptions made by current system software, which has(More)
The parallelism of distribution networks can be used to transfer loads between feeders without the need of disconnection of consumers during the switching. In the context of the Smart Grids, the parallelism of feeders can be used in automatic reconfiguration of networks for the improvement of power quality and voltage levels, and reduction of energy losses.(More)
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