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This paper introduces the Mater Misericordiae Mothers' Hospital-University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy, a prospective study of 8556 pregnant women interviewed at their first clinic visit, and subsequently interviewed some days after the birth of the baby and again 6 months later. Additional data were derived from the medical record of the pregnancy and(More)
Regional planners, policy makers and policing agencies all recognize the importance of better understanding the dynamics of crime. Theoretical and application-oriented approaches which provide insights into why and where crimes take place are much sought after. Geographic information systems and spatial analysis techniques, in particular, are proving to be(More)
The prevalence and correlates of psychological distress were examined in a sample of 171 female sex workers in Queensland. It was found that 28 per cent were above the GHQ-28 threshold for mild psychiatric morbidity, a rate that is not appreciably different from that of women in the general community. The sample included only eight street sex workers, all(More)
AIM To assess the current levels of computer use in Australian general practice, and identify clinical and administrative tasks for which computers are most commonly used by general practitioners. METHODS A telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of Australian GPs in active practice (n = 1202). RESULTS The national response rate was(More)
Interactions between doctor and patient involve participants with unequal power and possibly different interests. While a number of studies have focused upon the doctor/patient relationship, few have examined the utility of the concept of power and its capacity to help us understand the outcome of these interactions. The information sought by pregnant women(More)
4000 pregnant women were specifically asked about the method of contraception they last used and whether their pregnancy was a consequence of a failure of contraception. Social, economic, and religious variables were examined to assess the extent to which these were associated with differing rates of contraceptive failure. As part of a longtitudinal study(More)
In the decade of the 1970s there were some significant changes to the Australian health system while the health systems of most other countries remained stable. By comparing the Australian health system with that of a number of other countries in the 1970s, the paper examines both the causes and consequences of these changes. The substance of the various(More)
Students entering three Australian medical schools were followed over a 15-year period to trace both movement into the profession and the longer-term outcomes of early career aspirations. A variety of student entry characteristics are examined together with aspirations, attainments and self-images. The results indicate that women, rather than men, are more(More)