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The relation between congenital heart block and maternal connective-tissue disease was studied by antibody screening of serum samples obtained in connection with 45 cases of isolated congenital complete heart block. Serum was available from 41 mothers (17 who had connective-tissue disease and 24 who were healthy) and 21 children. Thirty-four mothers had(More)
The prevalence of autoantibodies to ribonucleoprotein antigens in cases of congenital heart block was established using immunofluorescence, counterimmunoelectrophoresis, double immunodiffusion and Western blots. All of 35 mothers of babies with congenital heart block, none of five mothers of babies with other types of heart block, 10 of 29 women with(More)
An immunologic basis for congenital heart block has been proposed previously. To investigate the association between congenital heart block and maternal antibodies capable of crossing the placenta, we used immunofluorescence to examine serum samples from 41 mothers and 8 affected children, together with serum from controls, for antibodies to fetal cardiac(More)
A review of 34, 201 multigravid deliveries found 47 patients who had severe pre-eclampsia after previous normotensive, non-albuminuric pregnancies. In 13 of these patients the affected pregnancy was apparently by a new father compared with 3 matched controls (P less than 0.01). This evidence supports the idea of a paternal immunogenetic factor in(More)