John S. Ryals

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This study builds on a long-standing debate focusing on whether structured professional judgment (SPJ) or empirically based methods of risk estimation are more valid and reliable measures of future behavior by comparing three different measures of risk. Data were collected from the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth administered to a sample of(More)
The current study examined the ability of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk for Youth (SAVRY), a standardized risk assessment instrument, to predict probation outcomes among a sample of 158 adjudicated juvenile offenders placed on probation. Traditionally, the SAVRY has been used to measure violence risk among adolescents after release from(More)
This study examined the factor structure of the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument-Version 2 (MAYSI-2), a brief self-report measure designed to flag clinically significant mental health needs among youth entering the juvenile justice system. Participants were 981 detained youth in the southeastern United States (mean age = 14.58 years; SD = 1.28(More)
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