John S Rutherford

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BACKGROUND There have been a lot of guidelines issued about dental extractions under general anaesthesia. There is a considerable body of research about the use of local anaesthetic as an adjunct. Some of this research appears to be contradictory about the use of local anaesthetic in addition to general anaesthesia in very young children. This study(More)
The Dirichlet generating functions for the number of sublattices fixed under each symmetry operation of the parent Patterson group may be combined to count the number of crystallographically nonequivalent sublattices, in total, by sublattice point group and by colour lattice group type. The combinatorial formulae used imply the existence of various(More)
In this article, a number of the results relevant to the concept of sublattices of a basic crystallographic lattice are reviewed, emphasizing particularly previously unpublished work on the algebraic aspects. A three-dimensional geometric lattice L can be considered as an infinite Abelian group under addition. A sublattice S of L, which is also(More)
BACKGROUND The crystal structure of 2,2-trimethylenedioxy-4,4,6,6-tetrachlorocyclo triphosphazene has been determined at 120, 274 and 293 K. The result at 293 K confirms the room temperature Cmc2(1) structure, but at the lower temperatures the space group is Pna2(1). Nevertheless the basic structure remains the same, with only small displacements of the(More)
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