John S. Lawrence

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By WILLIAM A. SKOOG, JOHN S. LAWRENCE AND WILLIAM S. ADAMS C YCLICAL THROMBOCYTOPENIC PUHPURA related to menstrual periods has been the subject of infrequetst reports in the literature. Mitsot.’ in 1936 first described three cases of purpura hemssorrhagica associated with menstruation. He postulated that “sonse altered endocrine function” greatly(More)
1. In the normal steady state granulocytopoiesis is confined to the marrow. There is general agreement that cell division in the granulocytic series does not occur after the myelocyte stage. 2. In the normal liuiiiaii in the steady state the granulocyte remains in the marrow for a I)eriOd of several days, probal)hy five to six days, after the last division(More)