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The Message-Driven Processor (MDP) is an integrated multicomputer node that provides ecient mechanisms for parallel computing. It incorporates a 36-bit integer processor, a memory management unit, a router for a 3-D mesh network, a network interface, a 4K-word 2 36-bit SRAM, and an ECC DRAM controller in a single 1.1M transistor VLSI chip. Rather than being(More)
Extended ephemeral logging (XEL) is a new technique for managing a log of database activity subject to the general assumption that the lifetimes of an application's transactions may be statistically distributed over a wide range. The log resides on nonvolatile disk storage and provides fault tolerance to system failures (in which the contents of volatile(More)
leven years ago, at ISCA 14, we published a paper titled, " Architecture of a Message-Driven Processor " [l] marking the start of our J-Machine project at MIT. The project culminated with the construction of a working prototype in 1991 [2] and the evaluation of this prototype in 1992 [12, 151. The J-Machine demonstrated the use of a jelly-bean part, a(More)
This thesis addresses the problem of fault tolerance to system failures for database systems that are to run on highly concurrent computers. It assumes that, in general, an application may have a wide distribution in the lifetimes of its transactions. Logging remains the method of choice for ensuring fault tolerance, but this thesis proposes new ways of(More)