John S. Harper

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Summary form only given, as follows. A study is presented of precision constraints imposed by a hybrid chip architecture with analog neurons and digital backpropagation calculations. Conversions between the analog and digital domains and weight storage restrictions impose precision limits on both analog and digital calculations. It is shown through(More)
An integrated package containing all the electro-optical elements of a fiber-optic transmitter has been developed by researchers at IBM. The package contains a semiconductor laser array, a cylindrical lens, and an array of optical fiber light guides. The components are mounted on a silicon wafer, which also contains thin-film drive electrodes for the lasers.
Microwave heating has a number of advantages over conventional heating due to the ability to heat specimens directly through specific interaction of electromagnetic radiation with the material. Thus it is possible to consider highly localised, rapid melting of thermoplastics using microwave radiation as a means of forming and welding. However, most polymers(More)
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