John S Harington

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Effects of silica, diamond dust, and carrageenan on mouse macrophages were studied by phase-contrast cine-micrography, electron microscopy, histochemical techniques for lysosomal enzymes and measurements of the release of lysosomal enzymes into the culture medium. All added materials were rapidly taken up into phagosomes, to which lysosomes became attached.(More)
In in vitro test systems, chrysotile is markedly toxic, causes chromosomal aberrations, and is capable of inducing morphological and preneoplastic transformation. In carefully designed animal experiments, chrysotile produces lung cancer and mesothelioma as effectively as do the amphiboles tested. Human population studies do not refute these experimental(More)
The pattern of cancer in African gold miners over the 8-year period 1964-71, comprising 2,926,461 man-years of employment was studied. Of the 1344 cancers found, primary liver cancer accounted for 52-8%, oesophageal cancer 12-1%, cancer of the respiratory system 5-4% and cancer of the bladder 4-8%. Analysis of the spatial distribution of these four cancers,(More)
Mortality data on lung cancer among the black populations of South Africa, newly available from the first ever nation-wide enumerations, are analysed for age-specific rates and significant geographical and intertribal variations. This study finds a higher incidence at younger ages than among whites, an urban excess similar to other population groups in(More)