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International open government initiatives are releasing an increasing volume of raw government datasets directly to citizens via the Web. The transparency resulting from these releases creates new application opportunities but also imposes new burdens inherent to large-scale distributed data integration, collaborative data manipulation and transparent data(More)
As open government initiatives around the world publish an increasing number of raw datasets, citizens and communities face daunting challenges when organizing, understanding, and associating disparate data related to their interests. Immediate and incremental solutions are needed to integrate, collaboratively manipulate , and transparently consume(More)
Emphasizing communication, collaborative work, and community, the authors envision a cloud-based platform that inverts the traditional application-content relationship by placing content rather than applications at the center, enabling users to rapidly build customized solutions around their content items. The future of collaboration will focus on building(More)
In this paper, we argue that increased outsourcing of non-core competencies will drive the demand for a new generation of multi-tenanted cloud-based platforms that address the needs of content-centered collaboration between organizations. We introduce the FRACTAL conceptual prototype which has allowed us to evaluate the suitability of current enterprise(More)
Build a platform, or set of protocols, so that it can evolve in any number of ways; don't play God; don't hardwire any single path of development; don't build into it a middle that can meddle with its use. Keep the core simple and let the application (or end) develop the complexity...No one can control how the system will evolve. No single individual gets(More)
Governments around the world have been releasing raw data to their citizens at an increased pace. The mixing and linking of these government datasets enhances their value and makes new insights possible. The use of mashups, i.e., digital works in which data from one or more sources is combined and presented in innovative ways, is a great way to expose this(More)