John S Dinga

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OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and intensity of urinary schistosomiasis in school pupils aged five to sixteen years. SETTING Barombi Kotto Health Area, southwest Cameroon. DESIGN A(More)
Prior to the initiation of an onchocerciasis control program based on the mass administration of ivermectin in the rain forest of southwestern Cameroon, a preliminary baseline study of the area was(More)
Studies were carried out on 855 pupils of classes 3, 5 and 7 (age range 5-16 years) attending 17 primary schools in the Kumba Health District, Cameroon, to determine the infection pattern of(More)
The objectives of the study were to determine by the use of a structured questionnaire the prevalence of malaria and its associated symptoms amongst school children and to relate these to the(More)
Biomedical studies accompanied by a questionnaire survey were carried out on 803 pupils of classes 3, 5 an 7 attending 17 primary schools in the Kumba Health District to determine the prevalence of(More)
In the onchocerciasis-endemic rain forest area of the Rumpi Hills in southwestern Cameroon, a community-based trial of ivermectin, given either once or twice a year over a three-year period(More)
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