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Healthy eating and increased physical activity can prevent or delay diabetes and its complications. Techniques that facilitate adherence to these lifestyle changes can be adapted to primary care. Often, the patient's readiness to work toward change must be developed gradually. To prepare patients who are reluctant to change, it is effective to assess and(More)
The authors describe the implementation and first three years (1997-1999) of a department-wide incentive plan of the Department of Family Medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. By using a consensus approach, a representative elected committee designed a clinical relative value unit (explained in(More)
INTRODUCTION Renal lithiasis affects approximately 5% of the general population, with higher risks for men and increasing risks with increasing age. The forward deployment of the Air Force into austere desert environments with integration of the active duty, Reserves, and Guard presents increasing risks to mission accomplishment with the increased risk of(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the effectiveness of an edited Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Resources Core Teaching Plan for managing patients with type 2 diabetes in an urban underserved setting. Modifications were made to attempt to cut to the bare essentials to work within the constrained budgets of safety net(More)
BACKGROUND Journal Club at a University-based residency program was restructured to introduce, reinforce and evaluate residents understanding of the concepts of Evidence Based Medicine. METHODS Over the course of a year structured pre and post-tests were developed for use during each Journal Club. Questions were derived from the articles being reviewed.(More)
A casual comment made regarding the amount of "mole skin" being dispensed to airmen to handle blisters, pressure points, and foot pain led to the development of an impromptu voluntary survey in an attempt to quantify the number of personnel with foot care concerns and the spectrum of those problems. With only a small number of sick call visits related to(More)
Special to The LEADER ALBANY, Jan. 8—Officers of the Association of State Civil Service Employees are looking forward to direct action this year by Governor Dewey and the Legislature with reference to the State Association's appeal for a maximum 40-hour week in State service. Action as to time and one-half for overtime in State service is expected to go(More)
A convenient catecholamine transport assay has been developed which permits continuous, instantaneous monitoring of transmembrane flux. Epinephrine transport has been examined by spectrophotometrically monitoring adrenochrome formation resulting from the passive diffusion of catecholamine into unilamellar phospholipid vesicles containing entrapped potassium(More)
PURPOSE A spontaneous meningoencephalocele of the temporal bone may present with effusion in the middle ear, a cerebrospinal fluid leak, hearing loss, or rarely otitic meningitis. Repair of spontaneous encephaloceles in the temporal bone has been performed using transmastoid and transcranial middle fossa approaches or a combination of the two with varied(More)
1 Abstract We investigate the effect of the expulsion of a player on the outcome of a football match. For that purpose we develop a probability model for the score in a football match. We propose estimators of the expulsion effect that are independent of match-specific effects that reflect the relative strength of the teams. We use the estimates to predict(More)
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