John S. Cook

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From the ability of a concentrated suspension of human erythrocytes to regulate the pH of unbuffered, anisotonic, external media it is possible to calculate the fractional cell volume in which chloride is dissolved. The difference between this volume and the total cell water gives the nonsolvent water (for chloride) of the cell. Nonsolvent water is less(More)
The flavonol quercetin, a phloretin analog, inhibits transport of 2-deoxyglucose and 3-O-methylglucose in a cultured human diploid fibroblast. This inhibition is related to transport itself and not to the reported effects of flavonoids on membrane-bound ATPases. From concentration-inhibition curves at several pH's we conclude that uncharged (acid) quercetin(More)
Cancer patients commonly experience a number of symptoms of disease progression and the side-effects of radiation therapy and adjuvant chemotherapy, which adversely impact on their quality of life (QOL). Fatigue is one of the most common and debilitating symptom reported by cancer patients and can affect QOL more than pain. Several recent studies have(More)
Fatigue is a common, often debilitating, side effect of cancer chemotherapy. Pharmacologic vitamin C has been used as an alternative treatment for the disease itself but its effects on fatigue have not often been documented. Here we report on the case of a woman with recurrent breast cancer, undergoing weekly chemotherapy, with lethargy as a major symptom.(More)
The demonstration of five different effects of ultraviolet radiation on the sea urchin's egg indicates that more than one basic photochemical process goes on there. Photorecovery is observed in only one of these. The need for caution in interpreting such effects is obvious. Evidence for a different mechanism for the timing of cleavage in eggs activated by(More)
As support grows for greater access to information and data held by governments, so does awareness of the need for appropriate policy, technical and legal frameworks to achieve the desired economic and societal outcomes. Since the late 2000s numerous international organizations, inter-governmental bodies and governments have issued open government data(More)