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should be adjusted for home advantage [3]. It is interesting that the home advantage increases from regular season to playoff competition in the NBA and for European club soccer, remains the same for the NHL and declines for MLB. Adjustive ratings have been proposed using maximum likelihood, least squares and exponential smoothing. The probabilities of the(More)
(ABSTRACT) One of today's most serious social, economical and environmental problems is traffic congestion. In addition to the financial cost of the problem, the number of traffic related injuries and casualties is very high. A recently considered approach to increase safety while reducing congestion and improving driving conditions is Automated Highway(More)
(ABSTRACT) Reducing the operating costs of chemical processes is very beneficial in decreasing a company's bottom line numbers. Since chemical processes are usually run in steady-state for long periods of time, saving a few dollars an hour can have significant long term effects. However, the complexity involved in most chemical processes from nonlinear(More)
An intelligent controller is described for an automated vehicle planning its trajectory based on sensor and communication data received. The intelligent controller is designed using a stochastic learning automaton. Using the data received from on-board sensors, two automata (for lateral and longitudinal actions) are capable of learning the best possible(More)