John S. Atkinson

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This article explores the effects of the therapeutic connection between the drug abuse treatment client and the treatment counselor on the client's progress in psychological functioning during the course of treatment. Two hypotheses of the relationships between therapeutic connection and psychological functioning are formulated. The first predicts that(More)
This exploratory study investigates the motivations for condom use and nonuse among a sample of drug users and nonusers. Participants who reported condom use in the previous 30 days rated various reasons for using a condom the last time they had had sex (79 participants). Those who reported not using a condom rated reasons for not using a condom the last(More)
The recent developments of server-based technology have seen the Internet become more and more pervasive. The "information superhighway" or "infobahn" has been touted far and wide as heralding a new age. Certainly the World Wide Web offers a wide range of options for communication and for the exchange of information. But what does this mean for the(More)
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