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In order to create an alternative to the customary letter-series representation of nucleotide sequences a novel method was developed based on computer graphics. In this new method, the information content of a nucleotide sequence is mapped into a three-dimensional space function (H curve) which can be displayed and manipulated conveniently. Even very long(More)
[l; Tth the l\DtlC's adoption of the AccvunLing Practices and Pro~ednres Manual, the s/atuto O' aavunting practices jor the P ~ C insurance industry have now been codijied in a series of Statements of Statuto*y Accounting Principles (SSAP' O. Within the SSAP's, various terms such as "tvlanagement's Best Estimate," '~anges q[ Resen~e Estimates" and 'Beat(More)
A prospective analysis of anteroposterior supine radiographs in 34 patients was undertaken to determine the detectability of pleural effusions on supine radiographs. The presence of pleural effusions and quantity of fluid (small, moderate, or large) were evaluated by using the following radiographic signs: increased homogeneous density superimposed over the(More)
Reye syndrome, a condition of unknown etiology, is characterized by encephalopathy and fatty infiltration of the liver after viral infections, notably influenza B and varicella [1] . A history of relatively large doses of aspirin ingested during the infection is usually elicited [2] . Reye syndrome is seen most often in children ages 6 months to 15 years;(More)
This paper is a preliminary attempt to map the changing tastes for works of art as manifested in the prices of paintings sold at auction. There are two main goals in this work: first, to describe a space in which we can represent the work of different artists; and second, to describe how "cultivated taste" moves around that space. It presents a method of(More)
A 3-week-old male neonate with heart failure associated with Coxsackie virus infection was imaged with Tc-99m PYP and TI-201. The abnormal imaging pattern suggested myocardial infarction. Autopsy findings indicated that the cause was myocardial necrosis secondary to an acute inflammatory process. Causes of abnormal myocardial uptake of Tc-99m PYP in(More)
Although Great Britain is the country of some of the earliest contributors to aesthetics as an independent philosophical discipline, from Lord Shaftesbury to Edmund Burke, and the country of John Ruskin, who was probably the greatest and most influential art critic of the 19 century, the subject attracted little interest in philosophical circles towards the(More)