John Rumble

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The medical and surgical management of an unusual case of spontaneous 'black ball' hyphaema complicated by secondary haemorrhage, raised intraocular pressure and corneal blood staining, and secondary to immune thrombocytopenia is presented. The literature is reviewed with particular reference to the aetiology and treatment of spontaneous hyphaema and the(More)
Nanotechnology is of increasing significance. Curation of nanomaterial data into electronic databases offers opportunities to better understand and predict nanomaterials' behaviour. This supports innovation in, and regulation of, nanotechnology. It is commonly understood that curated data need to be sufficiently complete and of sufficient quality to serve(More)
Scientific information comes in many sizes, types and levels of quality. Because of the diversity of the scientific information being published, different issues will arise in publishing different types of information electronically. In this paper, we will address issues related to electronic publication of large scientific data sets, a subset of scientific(More)
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